Hoenheim's Request

Setting out

We can't just sit here eating bread...

The party woke in the morning, feeling quite refreshed. As they meet in the common room, it appears that Axel and Claiomohr are gone. There was no note or explanation to where they had gone. The Iron Golem was back, and from one hand hung a note that said, “Eat your fill and approach the golem when you are ready to depart.”

As they ate, some volunteered some information about messages that had gotten in their room, while others focus on eating as much (bread) as possible. As they finished, the golem presented quest instructions with a map of the city. It then dropped a swirling glass bead, which opened a portal to the State of the Six Counsels.

As they stepped through the portal, Azriel walked off purposefully, ignoring any protests. Laria Dwinmitor sent his wolf to intercept him, but before any additional conversations could be had, Azriel disappeared. After a short search, no sign could be found of him and the party decided to go on to the first location.

Everyone agreed that the House was the most important location to investigate, since it contained Hoenheim’s own items. After a long walk, they ended up knocking on the the right door. A rather confused Bastich McCrackin opened the door. While giving them grief, he hurried them in once they mentioned Hoenheim. He explained that Hoenheim had his own defenses and they should take it easy. He went upstairs to go to bed.

They saw the items in a glass case set back in a bookcase. ReiĆ° tried to read what was on the case and stopped when he sensed some magic. Conclin tried to find out what kind of magic was on the case and found out several things, but nothing too specific. Trokmutt had a plan to move the sleeping Bastich, bed and all, and use him as a barrier/alarm for the back door. He pick up the bed with ease, but Bastich tumbled right out onto the floor. Trokmutt told him that he needed the bed downstairs and the dim Bastich begrudgingly accepted this as a truth and went back to sleep.

It was early enough that the group wanted to check out another location. On the way, Conclin sent his bird to find information, and the group asked around to find information. They intimidated a bartender, bribed a guard, and questioned a merchant. They did find that there is a tavern in the south called Money Penny’s that had suspicious activity in the basement. Someone named Dorth is the one to ask about any slave trade regarding half-breeds.

It was getting late in the day, so they departed for the Store. They found Danton Merrick speaking with Azriel. The started to question them both as the night set in…



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