Hoenheim's Request

The Briefing


As the party passes through the dimension door, then enter a large, white, circular room. Laria Dwinmitor, the wolf, Conclin, his raven, Azriel, Axel, Claiomohr, Jeryth, and ReiĆ° enter with Hoenheim to a table set for all. After a few small interactions, Hoenheim briefly introduces Trokmutt and gives the group their Current Quest.

He lets them know that they are in his tower and the floor is sealed off. They can eat in and drink their fill tonight, get a full nights rest, and some last details and an escort to the State of the Six Counsels will be ready early in the morning.

The room is circular, with 7 adjoining rooms. There looks to be a space for an 8th room, but no door. The ceiling softly glows to provide the light that the lack of windows demands. Each of the rooms are identical, with a bed, small table, and a decent amount of space on the ground. Each room has a door, with a locking handle

Some of the group converse with each other, ReiĆ° stuffs himself with bread, and everyone makes themselves comfortable. Conclin gets Hoenheim to look at a wand and add charges based off a type of flower that he grows. Hoenheim talks to Laria Dwinmitor and retrieves an object from him. Another dimension opened in the area that would have been the 8th door, and an Iron Golem came through. Hoenheim gave it the object and bid the party farewell and good luck for now! He asked Jeryth to accompany him for a job of a different nature and then the golem, Hoenheim, and Jeryth departed.



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