Hoenheim's Request

The First Night

What the hell?

As night settled in, the group took shifts. It seemed like traffic on the streets was slowing to a halt with only the occasional scruffy looking teenager passing by. The guards were posted out front and back, and Azriel went outside to walk the perimeter. The night was going smoothly, until they heard the front door guard screaming for help.

Conclin, Reið, and Trokmutt all hurried outside to see what impeding threat they had to face. A number of four-legged beasts where charging them as they got out of the door. Trokmutt took the lead and stepped up front, as Reið took a cautious flanking position and Conclin took a strategic position in the rear. The beasts voraciously attacked Trokmutt, biting him over and over with wounds that seemed to drip fire as much as blood. Another directed a deep breath of fire at Reid, who acrobatically dodged the attack. Conclin throw a ball of fire that managed to hit all of the hounds, but it seemed to have no effect. Hellhounds. The guard fled in terror after seeing apparent monsters on both sides of the fight, but Conclin convinced him (by way of a spell) to aid in what ever way he could. The guard then rushed into battle, but throatfirst into one of the hellhound’s eager maw.

The guards out back, joined by Azriel saw three more of the beasts head in there direction. Azriel let Laria Dwinmitor and his wolf know of the attack and then levitated in the air and turned invisible. The druid rushed outside to see one of the guards fall, and the other struggling. Feral rushed to the rescue, tearing pieces out of the beasts while Laria Dwinmitor summoned more wolfs to distract them. The hellhounds fell between eldritch blasts and gnashing teeth.

Out front, Reið was tiring out the hellhounds, occasionally taking a break from dodging their hellfire to crush them. Trokmutt was repaying his wounds by laughing and slicing limbs and heads from the beasts. Conclin sent his raven over the house to assess the situation out back as the fight came to an end.

They found the doors locked, which wasn’t surprising since Danton Merrick was still inside and no doubt terrified. The doors didn’t open after they had announced their victory, and after had to get Laria Dwinmitor to warp the door open. The couldn’t find Danton Merrick at first until they saw his foot sticking out of a secret passage concealed by a image of a wall. He was fast asleep, and it seemed by magically means. Trokmutt woke him up as gently as violence would allow, as the rest searched the passage. The group found an empty table at the end of a passageway with a black piece of paper on the ground that look like a page of a book. Most of the group inspected the page (finding magic, but uncertain of what it was) while Azriel flew around to search more. He triggered a trap from the ceiling which cut him down to the ground and left him gasping for life. The team healed him as they grilled Danton Merrick for information.

He was distraught and remember seeing a figure briefly before falling asleep. It seems that a sword was stolen, a sentient sword that was worth more than anything else in his shop. He beseeched the group to get it back for him and said he would find out what he could on his own. While not happen at the secret, the group turned in for the night, to heal, and prepare for the day of ahead of them.



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