Hoenheim's Request

The Invitation

After returning from the ferry, the adventurers start to settle back into the ridiculously small village. Unfortunately, there is no room. That is because a huge man, named Reid is wandering through town. As they start to get reacquainted with this strange man that a majority of the party knew, they hear a huge crack!

As they turn towards the noise, a door made of light materializes right next to the party. A wizard, who later introduces himself as Hoenheim, steps through and starts talking to Laria and Jeryth. While he seems familiar with them, he speaks to the group of strangers and tells them he has a job that they must complete. He asks each of the party if they are up to it individually and gets unanimous agreement.

He excitedly chuckles as he ushers the adventures through the dimension door and off to his tower…
but to what end?



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