Hoenheim's Request

The Second Night

Bastich, it's for you...

They arrived at Bastich McCrackin’s House as dusk was setting in. He welcomed them indifferently and went upstairs to go to bed. Everyone took their posts for the night. Azriel and Conclin up front, Trokmutt and Reið in the back room, Laria Dwinmitor upstairs. They hear a knock at the back door.

They wake everyone up, as the knocking continues with a request to open the door. They refuse and a manticore bursts through the back door. Bastich, who had come downstairs, was crushed by the door/manticore standing on him.

Everyone but Conclin and Azriel rush to the back. They take some swipes and some needles from the manticore in the door, but were able to overpower it and kill it. A ball of ice explodes in the crushed doorway, injuring some of the team. Climbing over the body, they find a skinny teenager out in the streets, and another manticore flying in the sky. As the group climbs out to engage him he laughs and says, “You really should have let me in…” As Reið and Trokmutt advance, he turns into a werewolf.

Back in the house, Conclin is keeping watch over the items. Azriel goes to leave out the door, but there is another manitcore waiting outside. Azriel soaks up a little damage before dealing some of his own. the manticore retreats to the sky and flies over the house. The rest of the group are getting pelted with needles as the Teen Wolf attacks… While they are connecting with the werewolf, he does not seem as bothered by it as he should. Trokmutt takes a mighty swing with his new sword, but misses. The werewolf deftly disarms Trokmutt and then starts using the sword to dish out his own punishment. A back alley of pain is closing in on the party, as the manitcores land and start laying into everyone.

Ned pursues the manticore over the roof and starts to attack the beasts attacking his allies. A limping party makes their counterattack, and takes down another manticore. Ryan stays true to his post, but as his party is taking down the final manticore, he can ignore the screams no longer and rushes to the back. They close in around the werewolf who backs away and whispers a word… He distorts and swirls away to nothing as a piece of paper falls to the spot were he stood moments ago. As most of the group go to examine the scene and heal, Conclinsprints inside with Reið two steps behind him. Conclin sees a slim man with a hat turn away from the empty case where the items were and casts a spell to stop the man in his tracks. The spell appears to have no effect. The Man with a hat looks up at Conclin and mouths a word before he too disappears leaving a page behind. Everyone gathers to lick their wounds, and figure out what just happened.



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