Hoenheim's Request

The Third day

The party decided to help Reið with his personal quest. They tracked down Barth to the basement of the Tavern Money Penny’s, They set up a ruse of selling Trokmutt to Barth. They intended to not only stop the slaver, but to go after the customer as well. Laria Dwinmitor brokered the sale, with Reið being his muscle. Azriel and Conclin were invisible waiting for the conflict. The completed the sale as fat old Mance Rayder appeared to be enamored by Trokmutt. He tried to drug Trokmutt, but the efforts of the group negated the effect. They ambushed the whole group, and made short work of the the whole crew. Laria Dwinmitor heals the few slaves that were there and bordering on death. They gave them money and set them free. Conclin then changed himself to look like Mance Rayder, and then told the carriage waiting outside to take the whole group “home.”

As they got to Rayder’s Mansion, The Butler approached them from the dilapidated structure. He was surprised by the group and when Conclin acted very friendly to him, he knew something was up. Both sides disclosed what had happened. He chose not to fight. Apparently, he was friends with Rayder’s father from many wars. They were known as the Black Death (Rayder) and the Angel of Death (the Butler). When Rayder died, he promised to take care of his son. His son, had turned out to be the opposite of the father. While he wasted the family’s fortune on pursing his odd perverse half breed obsession. Many slaves came in to that mansion, but none left. He didn’t feel that he could kill the son due to his allegiance to his father, but thanked the group for doing what he should have many years ago. He pointed them to an area with a chest filled with gold, gave them access to Mance’s secret slave quarters, and gave them Content Not Found: angels-s-hair which Conclin took. He told them to do what they needed to do, but then leave, for he would burn the mansion down by nightfall. The explored the rooms, but only found a mattress, a cage, and a dry well that contained corpses of dead slaves. Sickened, the left for the Museum.

They arrived slightly after nightfall, and the Museum was all locked up. As they investigated the scene they heard some screams and a scuffle inside. They lit the carriage on fire and pushed it into the huge main door to gain access. With the stairs, they couldn’t gain enough speed and were only able to damage the door and set in on fire. Laria Dwinmitor stepped up and warped and entrance right into the flaming wood door. As they entered they found 4 corpses of guards, but no sign of the rest or of Atherton DeGuiles. As they made their way around, they found the culprits in the back room. The Man with a hat, Teen Wolf, and two large worm like creatures. The man challenged the group to see if they were “any more than just trash.” The boy turned into a werewolf, and he and the Psurlons pressed the attack while then man sat back and watched. The group quickly dispatched on psurlon, while the other forced andrew to attack Reið. The werewolf was holding his own, but a shot got by and hit the man. As the last psurlon was about to fall, he laughed “Looks like you are worth something after all!” As he put his hand to his hip, the party saw the world around them fade to white…



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