Crown of the Forest

A Crown made of twisted roots and branches


When it is first worn, it speaks in sylvan to the mind of the wearer. “To those who truly treasure the forest, This crown will bring only good things”

The following wood spells are increased 5 caster levels:
Animate Plants
Bark skin
Change Staff
Command plants
Commune with Nature
Control Plants
Detect Plants
Diminish Plants
Good Berry
Iron Wood
Live Oak
Plant Growth
Repel Wood
Speak with plants
Spike Growth
Tree Shape
Tree Stride
Wall of Thorns
Warp Wood
Wood Shape

The following fire spells are decreased 5 caster levels:
Burning Hands
Fire seeds
Fire Storm
Fire Trap
Flame Blade
Flame Strike
Flame Wings
Flaming Sphere
Produce Flame
Wall of Fire


A rare item that can only be made from the body of a treant of noble origins. It can be consciously formed at will, but each treant can only make one.

For this reason it is a gift and a highly sought after one.

Crown of the Forest

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