Hoenheim's Request

The Third day

The party decided to help Reið with his personal quest. They tracked down Barth to the basement of the Tavern Money Penny’s, They set up a ruse of selling Trokmutt to Barth. They intended to not only stop the slaver, but to go after the customer as well. Laria Dwinmitor brokered the sale, with Reið being his muscle. Azriel and Conclin were invisible waiting for the conflict. The completed the sale as fat old Mance Rayder appeared to be enamored by Trokmutt. He tried to drug Trokmutt, but the efforts of the group negated the effect. They ambushed the whole group, and made short work of the the whole crew. Laria Dwinmitor heals the few slaves that were there and bordering on death. They gave them money and set them free. Conclin then changed himself to look like Mance Rayder, and then told the carriage waiting outside to take the whole group “home.”

As they got to Rayder’s Mansion, The Butler approached them from the dilapidated structure. He was surprised by the group and when Conclin acted very friendly to him, he knew something was up. Both sides disclosed what had happened. He chose not to fight. Apparently, he was friends with Rayder’s father from many wars. They were known as the Black Death (Rayder) and the Angel of Death (the Butler). When Rayder died, he promised to take care of his son. His son, had turned out to be the opposite of the father. While he wasted the family’s fortune on pursing his odd perverse half breed obsession. Many slaves came in to that mansion, but none left. He didn’t feel that he could kill the son due to his allegiance to his father, but thanked the group for doing what he should have many years ago. He pointed them to an area with a chest filled with gold, gave them access to Mance’s secret slave quarters, and gave them Content Not Found: angels-s-hair which Conclin took. He told them to do what they needed to do, but then leave, for he would burn the mansion down by nightfall. The explored the rooms, but only found a mattress, a cage, and a dry well that contained corpses of dead slaves. Sickened, the left for the Museum.

They arrived slightly after nightfall, and the Museum was all locked up. As they investigated the scene they heard some screams and a scuffle inside. They lit the carriage on fire and pushed it into the huge main door to gain access. With the stairs, they couldn’t gain enough speed and were only able to damage the door and set in on fire. Laria Dwinmitor stepped up and warped and entrance right into the flaming wood door. As they entered they found 4 corpses of guards, but no sign of the rest or of Atherton DeGuiles. As they made their way around, they found the culprits in the back room. The Man with a hat, Teen Wolf, and two large worm like creatures. The man challenged the group to see if they were “any more than just trash.” The boy turned into a werewolf, and he and the Psurlons pressed the attack while then man sat back and watched. The group quickly dispatched on psurlon, while the other forced andrew to attack Reið. The werewolf was holding his own, but a shot got by and hit the man. As the last psurlon was about to fall, he laughed “Looks like you are worth something after all!” As he put his hand to his hip, the party saw the world around them fade to white…

The Second Night
Bastich, it's for you...

They arrived at Bastich McCrackin’s House as dusk was setting in. He welcomed them indifferently and went upstairs to go to bed. Everyone took their posts for the night. Azriel and Conclin up front, Trokmutt and Reið in the back room, Laria Dwinmitor upstairs. They hear a knock at the back door.

They wake everyone up, as the knocking continues with a request to open the door. They refuse and a manticore bursts through the back door. Bastich, who had come downstairs, was crushed by the door/manticore standing on him.

Everyone but Conclin and Azriel rush to the back. They take some swipes and some needles from the manticore in the door, but were able to overpower it and kill it. A ball of ice explodes in the crushed doorway, injuring some of the team. Climbing over the body, they find a skinny teenager out in the streets, and another manticore flying in the sky. As the group climbs out to engage him he laughs and says, “You really should have let me in…” As Reið and Trokmutt advance, he turns into a werewolf.

Back in the house, Conclin is keeping watch over the items. Azriel goes to leave out the door, but there is another manitcore waiting outside. Azriel soaks up a little damage before dealing some of his own. the manticore retreats to the sky and flies over the house. The rest of the group are getting pelted with needles as the Teen Wolf attacks… While they are connecting with the werewolf, he does not seem as bothered by it as he should. Trokmutt takes a mighty swing with his new sword, but misses. The werewolf deftly disarms Trokmutt and then starts using the sword to dish out his own punishment. A back alley of pain is closing in on the party, as the manitcores land and start laying into everyone.

Ned pursues the manticore over the roof and starts to attack the beasts attacking his allies. A limping party makes their counterattack, and takes down another manticore. Ryan stays true to his post, but as his party is taking down the final manticore, he can ignore the screams no longer and rushes to the back. They close in around the werewolf who backs away and whispers a word… He distorts and swirls away to nothing as a piece of paper falls to the spot were he stood moments ago. As most of the group go to examine the scene and heal, Conclinsprints inside with Reið two steps behind him. Conclin sees a slim man with a hat turn away from the empty case where the items were and casts a spell to stop the man in his tracks. The spell appears to have no effect. The Man with a hat looks up at Conclin and mouths a word before he too disappears leaving a page behind. Everyone gathers to lick their wounds, and figure out what just happened.

Preparing for Night Two
Too big for his britches.

The group set out the next morning for the Museum. Laria Dwinmitor stayed behind to wrap things up with Danton Merrick, and Azriel promptly disappeared. The rest headed to meet up with Atherton DeGuiles.

When they get there, Trokmutt stations himself outside. Reið and Conclin go inside and introduced themselves to the captain of the guard Atherton DeGuiles. He responded with arrogance and contempt, interrupting them constantly and looking down upon them. He insisted that he didn’t need help and was quite skilled. Only mentioning Hoenheim’s name got his permission to peruse the museum, albeit with an escort. Those two started inspecting the museum, looking for magic items. Conclin charmed (magically) a guard to help them within his power. He let them know about some areas and items that were guarded more heavily: a corner room, and the center room with a fountain.

Azriel arrived on the scene and Trokmutt pointed him inside and then took off. The halfling went inside, but immediately was harassed and threatened by Atherton, who assumed he was the threat that the others had warned him about. He responded by being ready to fight. As all the guards came filing in, Conclin and Reið barely diffused the situation, and ended up with Azriel having two escorts. As they started to wander again, they went to the fountain room, where Atherton was standing. Reið climbed in the fountain to play and search the bottom and was promptly kicked out of the museum. He complied while cursing off every guard he saw on the way. Conclin left the room, turned invisible, and flew back in the room. He could tell there was some magic item in the top of the fountain and tried to remove it. When he picked up the round flat object, water started gushing from the top of the fountain and Atherton raised the alarm. Conclin managed to fly out, still invisible, with one guard managing a lucky swipe at his leg. As soon as he got outside he gave the item to his bird and slipped past the guards to become visible again inside. Conclin, Reið, and Azriel went outside to find a furious Atherton and confounded guards. They stormed inside and locked the door.

Laria Dwinmitor joined up with the team then and they updated each other as they made for the house. Trokmutt met up with them on the way.

The First Night
What the hell?

As night settled in, the group took shifts. It seemed like traffic on the streets was slowing to a halt with only the occasional scruffy looking teenager passing by. The guards were posted out front and back, and Azriel went outside to walk the perimeter. The night was going smoothly, until they heard the front door guard screaming for help.

Conclin, Reið, and Trokmutt all hurried outside to see what impeding threat they had to face. A number of four-legged beasts where charging them as they got out of the door. Trokmutt took the lead and stepped up front, as Reið took a cautious flanking position and Conclin took a strategic position in the rear. The beasts voraciously attacked Trokmutt, biting him over and over with wounds that seemed to drip fire as much as blood. Another directed a deep breath of fire at Reid, who acrobatically dodged the attack. Conclin throw a ball of fire that managed to hit all of the hounds, but it seemed to have no effect. Hellhounds. The guard fled in terror after seeing apparent monsters on both sides of the fight, but Conclin convinced him (by way of a spell) to aid in what ever way he could. The guard then rushed into battle, but throatfirst into one of the hellhound’s eager maw.

The guards out back, joined by Azriel saw three more of the beasts head in there direction. Azriel let Laria Dwinmitor and his wolf know of the attack and then levitated in the air and turned invisible. The druid rushed outside to see one of the guards fall, and the other struggling. Feral rushed to the rescue, tearing pieces out of the beasts while Laria Dwinmitor summoned more wolfs to distract them. The hellhounds fell between eldritch blasts and gnashing teeth.

Out front, Reið was tiring out the hellhounds, occasionally taking a break from dodging their hellfire to crush them. Trokmutt was repaying his wounds by laughing and slicing limbs and heads from the beasts. Conclin sent his raven over the house to assess the situation out back as the fight came to an end.

They found the doors locked, which wasn’t surprising since Danton Merrick was still inside and no doubt terrified. The doors didn’t open after they had announced their victory, and after had to get Laria Dwinmitor to warp the door open. The couldn’t find Danton Merrick at first until they saw his foot sticking out of a secret passage concealed by a image of a wall. He was fast asleep, and it seemed by magically means. Trokmutt woke him up as gently as violence would allow, as the rest searched the passage. The group found an empty table at the end of a passageway with a black piece of paper on the ground that look like a page of a book. Most of the group inspected the page (finding magic, but uncertain of what it was) while Azriel flew around to search more. He triggered a trap from the ceiling which cut him down to the ground and left him gasping for life. The team healed him as they grilled Danton Merrick for information.

He was distraught and remember seeing a figure briefly before falling asleep. It seems that a sword was stolen, a sentient sword that was worth more than anything else in his shop. He beseeched the group to get it back for him and said he would find out what he could on his own. While not happen at the secret, the group turned in for the night, to heal, and prepare for the day of ahead of them.

Setting out
We can't just sit here eating bread...

The party woke in the morning, feeling quite refreshed. As they meet in the common room, it appears that Axel and Claiomohr are gone. There was no note or explanation to where they had gone. The Iron Golem was back, and from one hand hung a note that said, “Eat your fill and approach the golem when you are ready to depart.”

As they ate, some volunteered some information about messages that had gotten in their room, while others focus on eating as much (bread) as possible. As they finished, the golem presented quest instructions with a map of the city. It then dropped a swirling glass bead, which opened a portal to the State of the Six Counsels.

As they stepped through the portal, Azriel walked off purposefully, ignoring any protests. Laria Dwinmitor sent his wolf to intercept him, but before any additional conversations could be had, Azriel disappeared. After a short search, no sign could be found of him and the party decided to go on to the first location.

Everyone agreed that the House was the most important location to investigate, since it contained Hoenheim’s own items. After a long walk, they ended up knocking on the the right door. A rather confused Bastich McCrackin opened the door. While giving them grief, he hurried them in once they mentioned Hoenheim. He explained that Hoenheim had his own defenses and they should take it easy. He went upstairs to go to bed.

They saw the items in a glass case set back in a bookcase. Reið tried to read what was on the case and stopped when he sensed some magic. Conclin tried to find out what kind of magic was on the case and found out several things, but nothing too specific. Trokmutt had a plan to move the sleeping Bastich, bed and all, and use him as a barrier/alarm for the back door. He pick up the bed with ease, but Bastich tumbled right out onto the floor. Trokmutt told him that he needed the bed downstairs and the dim Bastich begrudgingly accepted this as a truth and went back to sleep.

It was early enough that the group wanted to check out another location. On the way, Conclin sent his bird to find information, and the group asked around to find information. They intimidated a bartender, bribed a guard, and questioned a merchant. They did find that there is a tavern in the south called Money Penny’s that had suspicious activity in the basement. Someone named Dorth is the one to ask about any slave trade regarding half-breeds.

It was getting late in the day, so they departed for the Store. They found Danton Merrick speaking with Azriel. The started to question them both as the night set in…

The Briefing

As the party passes through the dimension door, then enter a large, white, circular room. Laria Dwinmitor, the wolf, Conclin, his raven, Azriel, Axel, Claiomohr, Jeryth, and Reið enter with Hoenheim to a table set for all. After a few small interactions, Hoenheim briefly introduces Trokmutt and gives the group their Current Quest.

He lets them know that they are in his tower and the floor is sealed off. They can eat in and drink their fill tonight, get a full nights rest, and some last details and an escort to the State of the Six Counsels will be ready early in the morning.

The room is circular, with 7 adjoining rooms. There looks to be a space for an 8th room, but no door. The ceiling softly glows to provide the light that the lack of windows demands. Each of the rooms are identical, with a bed, small table, and a decent amount of space on the ground. Each room has a door, with a locking handle

Some of the group converse with each other, Reið stuffs himself with bread, and everyone makes themselves comfortable. Conclin gets Hoenheim to look at a wand and add charges based off a type of flower that he grows. Hoenheim talks to Laria Dwinmitor and retrieves an object from him. Another dimension opened in the area that would have been the 8th door, and an Iron Golem came through. Hoenheim gave it the object and bid the party farewell and good luck for now! He asked Jeryth to accompany him for a job of a different nature and then the golem, Hoenheim, and Jeryth departed.

The Invitation

After returning from the ferry, the adventurers start to settle back into the ridiculously small village. Unfortunately, there is no room. That is because a huge man, named Reid is wandering through town. As they start to get reacquainted with this strange man that a majority of the party knew, they hear a huge crack!

As they turn towards the noise, a door made of light materializes right next to the party. A wizard, who later introduces himself as Hoenheim, steps through and starts talking to Laria and Jeryth. While he seems familiar with them, he speaks to the group of strangers and tells them he has a job that they must complete. He asks each of the party if they are up to it individually and gets unanimous agreement.

He excitedly chuckles as he ushers the adventures through the dimension door and off to his tower…
but to what end?


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