Hoenheim's Request

Preparing for Night Two

Too big for his britches.

The group set out the next morning for the Museum. Laria Dwinmitor stayed behind to wrap things up with Danton Merrick, and Azriel promptly disappeared. The rest headed to meet up with Atherton DeGuiles.

When they get there, Trokmutt stations himself outside. Reið and Conclin go inside and introduced themselves to the captain of the guard Atherton DeGuiles. He responded with arrogance and contempt, interrupting them constantly and looking down upon them. He insisted that he didn’t need help and was quite skilled. Only mentioning Hoenheim’s name got his permission to peruse the museum, albeit with an escort. Those two started inspecting the museum, looking for magic items. Conclin charmed (magically) a guard to help them within his power. He let them know about some areas and items that were guarded more heavily: a corner room, and the center room with a fountain.

Azriel arrived on the scene and Trokmutt pointed him inside and then took off. The halfling went inside, but immediately was harassed and threatened by Atherton, who assumed he was the threat that the others had warned him about. He responded by being ready to fight. As all the guards came filing in, Conclin and Reið barely diffused the situation, and ended up with Azriel having two escorts. As they started to wander again, they went to the fountain room, where Atherton was standing. Reið climbed in the fountain to play and search the bottom and was promptly kicked out of the museum. He complied while cursing off every guard he saw on the way. Conclin left the room, turned invisible, and flew back in the room. He could tell there was some magic item in the top of the fountain and tried to remove it. When he picked up the round flat object, water started gushing from the top of the fountain and Atherton raised the alarm. Conclin managed to fly out, still invisible, with one guard managing a lucky swipe at his leg. As soon as he got outside he gave the item to his bird and slipped past the guards to become visible again inside. Conclin, Reið, and Azriel went outside to find a furious Atherton and confounded guards. They stormed inside and locked the door.

Laria Dwinmitor joined up with the team then and they updated each other as they made for the house. Trokmutt met up with them on the way.



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